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Buy real UK passport, British passport are passports issued by the United Kingdom to those holding any form of British nationality. There are different types of British nationality, and different types of British passports as a result. A British passport enables the bearer to travel worldwide and serves as proof of citizenship. Although the United Kingdom has withdrawn from the European Union, the passport allows for freedom of movement in any of the states of the European Economic Area and Switzerland until the transition period ends on 31 December 2020. It also facilitates access to consular assistance from British embassies around the world. Passports are issued using royal prerogative, which is exercised by Her Majesty’s Government.

Passport type Apply online Form fee
Adult (16 and over) standard 34-page passport £3000.50 £85
Adult (16 and over) 50-page frequent traveller passport £4000.50 £95
Child (under 16) standard 34-page passport £2000 £58.50
Child (under 16) 50-page frequent traveller passport £2500 £68.50
Passport for people born on or before 2 September 1929 Free Free

The UK passport is a universally trusted document. It allows British nationals to prove who they are in a wide range of situations, and the freedom to move around the world. It is so trusted internationally that the UK passport allows its holder to travel without a visa to 173 countries across the world. Buy real UK passport

How to pay

As the application is done online; 50% initial deposit is required to file for your information such as names,date of birth bio-metrics and more at the  united kingdom immigration offices. The payment medium vary based on your region or origin in the world. Our standard payments medium are bank transfers,western union, bitcoin and a couple of online apps.


Many children born in the UK or with lengthy residence have a right in law to register as British citizens. These children include children born in the UK to European citizens, stateless children born in the UK and looked after children. For an insight into Parliament’s intention when introducing the British Nationality Act 1981, please see Commentary_ Hansard BNA 1981 _registration_Aug 2018

It is extremely important for children to register their right promptly. Please see our leaflet “Children and their rights to British Citizenship” for Parents, Carers and Children: