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Enclose the following documents

Your national passport, travel document or alien’s passport in the original. If you have a previously issued passport and it has expired , contact us and we will make it come true for you at docsexperts.com

If you do not have a national passport, enclose the originals of other identifications documents from your country of origin. You will have to contact us so that we can issue you these information. If you have several documents, number them in the same order as i will be send to you in the application form.

You should not enclose your and your children’s residence permit card, your Swedish driving license or you Swedish ID card. If you don’t have any of these documents let us know so that we will know the right procedure to follow.Buy Swedish passport online

In order to apply for Swedish citizenship you must fulfill the requirements needed for right of residence, a residence card, or have been given a permanent residence permit. You can also apply if you have been given a permanent residence card, or have permanent right of residence in Sweden.

Passports / National ID-card for adults

Swedish passport is available for all citizen in or out of Sweden. We offer top quality real registered Swedish passport online. Our agent at the consulate enter our information on the database system .We are currently experiencing heavy demand for passports application appointments. We are doing everything we can to meet the demand and increased. Please check the website frequently and remember to cancel appointments you can’t make. Appointments can only be booked online..

Processing and collection

  • Normally two weeks
  • Bring the receipt, your previous passport, and if no longer valid you need to also bring a valid photo ID
  • The passport must be collected within six months or it will be destroyed and the fee forfeited
  • No need to book an appointment for passport collection. Please note that you need to come during Passport Collection hours